English: Servives

English: Servives

FINPRAW  provides wide range of services:
sworn and ordinary translations.
We provide oral translations as well.
We serve conferences, trainings, business talks.

We provide overall services related to text edition:

  • re-writing of reports, articles, evaluation reports and other works,
  • design of tables, diagrams, graphs and schemes,
  • performance of formulas, e.g. chemical ones,
  • text formatting and provision of esthetic look to it
  • Document scanning.

We provide different services and financial-legal consulting::

  • mortgages and credits,
  • insurances,
  • debt liquidation and purchase of companies.

We deal with receivables trade.We provide monitoring and detective services.

We provide total range of legal services, among others, preparation of papers for needs of legal actions (suits, complaints).

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